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Avalon Estate represents a meeting of points; an axis of people, places and ideas.

Avalon Estate is just 4 minutes drive from the City Centre of Launceston and overlooks the South Esk River's gully as it converges with the Tamar River, and is one of the most striking architectural landmarks in Tasmania, easily identifiable from the surrounding hills. 

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HISTORY: Originally built in 1974, as the Tasmanian Board Mills, the building was a centre for both timber and fine craftsmanship, and today it still showcases Tasmania’s native timber species.  It later hosted a church from 1985, becoming a school from 2008 until recently.  Large central columns of Tasmanian Huon pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii), salvaged from the Gordon River Power Station, present themselves like sentinels in the main foyer, looking upon two feet thick hand-adzed eucalypt beams that stretch  outwards to greet vistors. The welcoming canopy, not unlike an upturned timber hull of a sailing vessel, projects out from the building like a sail, and towering glass panels allow the maximum light to stream deep into the heart of the building.  Inside, rooms for short-term hire feature the warmth of the afternoon sun and Tasmanian blackwood (Acacia melanoxlyon) and myrtle (Nothafagus cunninghammii)  feature panelling.  

Now, as part of the legacy of an important building's story, the private custodians of this incredible landmark plan to carefully and lovingly prepare and restore the impressive timbers to their former glory and create a venue for the citizens of Launceston to enjoy as a community space for many years to come...

On SUNDAYS, Avalon Estate features Avalon Market, a Launceston Market full of an exciting mixture of locally produced handmade items, new and old collectables, quality products, food, plants, and fun for the children. You'll love our free-roaming chickens that are friendly enough to hug!

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